Red Road

by Haunted Leather

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Deth Trip Records DTR001


released October 20, 2012

Haunted Leather is Dusty (Guitar, Vox on You Shouldn't Ask) Jack (Bass, Vox) Shane (Drums) Ross (Organ) Sean (Rhythm Guitar). Red Road was recorded at Amber Lit studios in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Matt Ten Clay. Mastering for vinyl done by Jim Diamond.



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Haunted Leather Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Shapes on the Wall
I see the shapes on the wall
they come in color
The women dance through the hall
all dressed in their fur
Their arms silently fall
to hang by their sides
They've got the sun in their souls
and mirrors for eyes

The sun has quit the sky
and left the blackness
Visions flash all the while
in midnight's madness
It all lives and dies
an endless sorrow
We've got to stay in the now
until tomorrow

I hear the world in sound
where does it come from?
So don't be bringin' me down
no use in tryin'
Sadness wears the crown
we can't live without
We've got to leave this town
to try and find out
Track Name: Diamond Sleep
The things you keep in your diamond sleep have gone away
They're hypnotized by the sunlit spell of the day
I'm all strung out on the turnabout of time
But why stay low when it feels so good to be high?

You better run or you'll get caught up in the cog
The wheel spins just to drown our colors in fog
The desert sings while the highway beats toward the sky
But why stay low when it feels so good to be high?

I do believe that in our dreams we're alone
The many things we thought but will never know
You can have anything you want in a dream
But when you wake you'll find it don't come for free
Track Name: You Shouldn't Ask
If you think that the sun
is up there just for you
Look through all your fingers
and find another view
Wake up in the morning
and walk down the street
There is no place you are going
or that you've got to be

If you already know then you shouldn't ask

If you think that you've seen
then you haven't looked long
I will be your mirror
and I will sing your song
Everything that you want
will never be yours
When you pile it high
it all falls to the floor
Track Name: Midnight's Child
Summer's come to sing it's song
You lost your self, let your hair grow long
But you know that you don't belong

Took the time to stay lost for a while
Watched the sun move across the sky
And you look for what you cannot find

Midnight's child wore the infinite smile
Of one who would not weep to die
And you'll find that the world's unkind
Track Name: Mirror
It's all happening
Without and within
I feel it all again
In my mind there's a mirror
Through which it all shows clear
Before it disappears

It's all happening
Without and within
I feel it all again
On my wall there's a mirror
Through which it all shows clear
It don't disappear
Track Name: Indian Road
Indian road is a story untold
it's a life I'm always livin' in
Light my fire, free your mind, take a pull
and you'll find that you are lost again.

Nothing's gold but the summer holds
all the things that do truly shine
Come undone in the Sunday sun
It's alright, it ain't yours or mine

Highway sun drivin' 81 and we know
just where we will go
Feel the wind, watch the sky as it bends
follow it wherever it may blow
Track Name: I Don't Mind
I live a life of the strangest kind
I don't mind, I feel OK
I take the drag but I can't unwind
it's alright, or so they say
Up and down, in and out, back and forth
any way you want to be
Sit and cry while the world turns
but don't bring that shit on me

Your apartment is decorated
with the things you'll never need
Dress it up any way you want
then just wait and let it bleed
I could drive for a million miles
I don't mind where it leads
You see the things that are in between
but you don't see through me

Did you know that you reap what you sow
when you said that you would leave
Out the door, down the hall, on the street
now you know what it means
I live a life of the strangest kind
it's alright, I feel OK
Up and down, in and out, back and forth
any way you want to be